A darkness is coming that will divide this land. In an instant, day will become night through forces above and beyond our control. We are not immune from the legacy of ancient tensions, their corresponding sparks, or unleashed forces. Ruptures and fissures from aeons past, will rend this nation in two. Again.

The ancient and near past has no mind for the living, the fluke-exhalation spent screeching about invisible divisions and differences. You will not stop the heavens from casting its shadows. You cannot escape the fury of blood-steeped soil. There is a dark order to this world; it is never without night.

The curse of humanity is found where desire eclipses its senses. Not an inch of this globe has been safe from the insatiable mammal, who leaves a black streak upon all it consumes. His eyes betray him, so biased to the present – in time and in space. A mind that can harness the power of stars for destruction, but yet unable to recognize the light in another. Since the moment he saw what fire could do, he has needed an enemy.

A darkness is coming that will divide this land.

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