Blessed are you when others subtweet you, when they unfriend and block you;
Yours is one less Fox News link or “It Works!” ad in your newsfeed.

Blessed are those who have been swiped to the left; fats; femmes; Asians;
For they will not inherit gonorrhea.

Blessed are the poor in skinny jeans and thigh gaps; whose husky curves
Will attract visible abs when the winter nights get cold.

Blessed are those who gain a classic liberal education and pursue their passions;
They will appreciate the intersectionality of a hard day’s labor.

Blessed are those who code and earn IT and networking certifications;
They will be rich in friends and family with WiFi problems and app ideas.

Blessed are those who wear hoodies without being pulled over and shot
For they are fragile and they will see justice in courts of law.

Blessed are those quick to fact-check, slow to retweet, and slower to drunk text.
For whoever does not bridle his thumbs is complicit with RT and his dick pics will be spread throughout Tumblr.

For it is not what hits your inbox, but what goes out that defiles you.
Yea, it is from a man’s outbox, profile pic, race, and tweets that he is judged.



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