Silent summons of kindred blood
A rush of heat to face its source
Head flushed with pulsing memories
No one makes you blush like family.
Soaking that moment in with watery vision
Pulling the memory into my bones
On the piercing chill wrapped around us
Watching through chiffon tears shaken
By westerly whispers of autumn’s early parting
Blowing from beyond that approaching front
Where whirlwinds swirled stagnant
In words never said, until they were.
When we last spoke, I said too much
And we haven’t spoken since
Beyond the safe trite niceties
That conceal the pits that time bore deep
Enough that we both tread now carefully
Every time occasion calls for this dance
Knowing that a single strip of tape
Serves as footing and foundation
From our cautious fastened lips
I want to say I am happy for you, and I do.
I want to hug and wish you well, and I do.
Sent on echoes performed and spoken
Blushing face to blushing face, but
From a million miles apart…
Neither of us chose the winter’s cold
Your blush most beautiful set in contrast.

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