Lifetime Fitness

I started reading on cardio machines
When I realized I wanted to stop
Breathing undetected nonhalations
Through yearlong days, nanoevenings
For two shaking sighs:

endorphin buzz
from lungs and eyes
on belts and books:
a reading list
my bottled wa-
ter dripping down
my face my back
it burns can’t see
but focus now
this essay makes
persuasive points
but how’s this square
with chapter two
of Orwell’s book
from yesterday?
an hour, min-
ute, second, more
until I’m free
I’m done

They say you’ll lose what you don’t use
But what is loss, and what is lost
And who even are you anyway?
My panicked breath in bed wanders
Wondering if I’ll have the time to ask
In those moments before I leave my car
To make my zero seven thirty meeting

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