Good Boy

Even though I barely met you, I have loved you.
And I have loved you for years because you loved him
In such a way that he never once doubted your love.
From the first moment you saw each other you were loved and you loved
Until he realized your kisses and warmth would only be felt in dreams
There is no end, no Omega, no Z for a love like yours—
It lives in my love for him: I fell in love with his love for you.
When you pried open his heart, I peered inside
That place where tenderness lives under a scruffy chest.
To smile and embrace when he comes through the door,
To be content to just be together,
To scratch only to get closer to him or to protect him from harm,
To love in such a way that he never doubts my love,
To give kisses when he least expects them, even when he pushes me away
These are the lessons I’ve learned from you:
How to be good. 

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