Teacher up front
Read from The Text
Memorize this
Standardized test
Summer parades
Recite the pledge
Anthem respect
Raise your right hand
Oath after me:
“Service then self!
Uniform life!
Win! Fly! And Fight!”
Colonel walks in
Squadron tench hut!
… As you were…
Now, listen up!
Because I said!
Because he said!
Because they’re dead!
Soap box stump speech
Billboard adverts
Pre-taped phone calls
E-mailed Campaigns
Network rantings
Right Left click one
Like one Share one
Block one Next one
Knock knock Who’s here
Who’s queer Who’s proud
Who’s loud Who’s done?
How many ways
Can I be told:
Sit down. Shut up.
Listen to me
Teach you to love

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